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Playing age: 35-40

Height: 1,76 m/ 5 feet 9 inches

Eyes: dark brown

Hair: dark brown

Languages: German (fluent), English (fluent), French (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (basic), Latin (highly skilled), Ancient Greek (highly skilled)

Voice: Soprano/ Range: E2 to A5

Instruments:  Clarinet (highly skilled), Piano (skilled), Drums, (skilled), Guitar acoustic (skilled), guitar electric (basic), Persussions (skilled), Flute (skilled), Violin (basic), Cello (basic)

Dance: Hip Hop (highly skilled), Modern, Ballroom, Jazz Burlesque, Contact Improvisation, Tap dance, Courtly dance

Sports: Basketball (highly skilled), Kickboxing (highly skilled), Boxing (highly skilled), Kung Fu (skilled), Yoga (skilled), Eskrima (basic), Sword fighting (basic), Suzuki (basic)

Specia skills: singing (highly skilled)- Pop, Rock, Jazz, a Capella, Classic, Chanson, Choral Improvisational Theatre, Stand -Up Comedy, Commedia dell’Arte, Composer, Ableton live and Ableton push, Interpreter and Translator

Driver’s license: car

Place of Residence: Berlin, Munich

Housing options: Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Paris, Rome, New York